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Logo creation and implementation

A corporate logo is the first step in any serious advertising campaign. It isthe visual essence of any company. You want your audience to identify you with your product or service, with a glance. The logo is your company's visual statement of who you are and what you do.

Once your logo is created satisfactorily, it must be used consistently again and again, so your target market recognizes your image & your validity in the community. Be adamant about your identity control, never deviate. You risk confusion on the part of your potential clients and it discounts your integrity in the market. This can be a fatal mistake in advertising.

Present your logo/identity in all forms of advertising; business cards, letterhead, envelopes, brochures, websites, magazine ads, flyers, postcards, anything you do, even your directory advertising, must be viewed consistently.

If you use specific colors and/or specialty papers, continue this style for everything you do when your image is "out in the world."

Not all Graphic Designers are created equal. Although most designers are very proficient in software skills, many are not blessed with realistic freehand drawing techniques.

The professionals at Sayads.biz can create original illustrations from scratch, just for you and your company. We will be happy to consult with you if your needs require original illustrations.

Here are a few examples of original illustrations we have created for our customers...


From business cards to billboards, SayAds.Biz will assist you from concept to digital output. We can advise you on where to best advertise to reach your target market & how much you should be spending.

Font Design:"Arbor Day"

Original font designs are also available..